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*Update* I'm leaving in ten minutes to chair our county convention.*Update*

I admit I'm more than a little nervous. Four years ago I was a first time delegate. Two years later I had become our precinct caucus chairman and ended up working on the platform committee all the way to the state convention.

But now I have to hold the gavel and I'm getting a little stage fright.

We (OK, my wife) has called all of the Ron Paul delegates from our county and arranged for who is going to nominate who for District/State delegate and for the various committees.

I wish I had more to people to work with.
Some of our people are sick, some are scheduled to go to a wedding on the date of the district convention, some say they just don't want to go to the state convention (?!?!?).

Like I've said before, 90% of winning at this game is JUST BEING THERE.

Oh well, you play the hand you're dealt.

Wish me luck.
(Or is it, "Break a leg!"?)


Well, we're back.

I'm going to the district platform committee again, shooting for state. We got some pretty decent platforms through in our county, but as I found out doing this before, its not the platform resolutions that count, its the people on the committees that reword them. We'll have a rockin' good platform this year.

The microphone kept cutting in and out.
Nobody had a gavel for me (even though it was held in a courthouse) so I used the handle of a big rubber mallet I brought in the car.
I know, real amateur.

The Iowa Caucus Straw Poll results in our county were:
Santorum 27%
Romney 22%
Gingrich 16%
Paul 16%

Of the 26 delegate/alternates to our state convention 8 are Ron Paul supporters. (That was 100% of the definite supporters attending the convention.) My wife and I are delegates. Our son, Robbie, is 17 years old (will turn 18 before November) so he was barely old enough to qualify. He's an alternate!

And he was wearing his Ron Paul T-shirt. (A lady we didn't know even came up and asked him where she could get a Ron Paul shirt!)

That's 31% of the STATE delegates from our county!
Not bad considering, huh?


Sorry for another update but my brother just called and told me that in our neighboring county they had comparable results.

He is on the district platform committee too.
He says he was pleasantly surprised by the number of Ron Paul supporters that were at the convention. Unfortunately they were mostly clueless about the system and did not make an effort to vote for one another. Nevertheless a good number were elected to go to the state convention.

And his county has a new chairman who is also Ron Paul supporter!

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How can Ron Paul supporters

How can Ron Paul supporters not make an effort. Effort is what we're known for

On the positive side...

In some ways it is encouraging that Ron Paul is starting to become mainstream enough that he has "supporters" who simply like his message but have not gotten involved enough to to realize the "big picture".

I think that WE have an obligation to identify and network with as many of these people as possible to clue them in.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I liked the part about the rubber mallet!

I liked the part about the rubber mallet!

Thanks for typing that all out.
Doesn't it just kill you when people don't even show up?!

Thank you

for all your hard work. Much love.


for liberty

Fantastic and inspiring work

I commend you...especially for your solution to the no gavel issue.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

I will confess...

I actually brought it from home just in case they didn't have something. In two years (if they haven't thrown me out of office) I plan on getting the central committee to spring for a real gavel.

The Virtual Conspiracy

"Strength and Honour"

"Strength and Honour"


How can people not show up? I would love to be involved in a process like that even if I was the only guy. I wish my state was a caucus...

what you have to understand is that every state has a caucus

Even if there is a primary beauty contest, afterwards there are county and state conventions that determine who gets elected as delegates. So go to those conventions and get yourself elected a delegate

NOT in Arkansas. Here you can

NOT in Arkansas. Here you can be a delegate for whomever you want, but ONLY the delegates pre registered for whoever wins the state election get to go to National.

NOT Pennsylvania

in PA, delegates are unbound and directly elected by the voters on the same ballot as the presidential 'preference'.

Most PA voters think that their presidential vote is important and the delegate vote is just secondary - but it's the other way around.

same thing in Rhode Island


All this goes to show that people need to...

...become familiar with the party process in their state and work the system the best they can.

It also shows why the Conspiracy hates caucuses and would like to have a one day national primary.

The Virtual Conspiracy

yes, so do you mean...

I am also from Ohio, remarkably, and am wondering the same thing... is there a county convention we can go infiltrate!? Obviously I will do some googling on the matter but I have to admit that I've been ignorant if this is so. I would think the campaign would have contacted us delegates about this... I want to go to the RNC soo bad!!

So do you mean

that even though Dr. Paul came in 4th in Ohio it is still possible to get Ron Paul delegates from Ohio to the Tampa convention? I presume we would have to be sleeper delegates from Ohio. Am I correct?

Let's move

I want to live next to people who understand and appreciate freedom.

"Some of our people are sick,

"Some of our people are sick, some are scheduled to go to a wedding on the date of the district convention, some say they just don't want to go to the state convention"

Is that not the exact problem? While people cry voter fraud, they forget what is REALLY happening.... your above statement...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

that's why you have a big list of

eager alternates, also some (very few) conventions allow proxy voting.

AWESOME! Thanks for your

AWESOME! Thanks for your hard work!

Do you have the delagate breakdown for the other candidates? I'd like to see where everyone falls in comparison with the straw vote.

"Of the 26

"Of the 26 delegate/alternates to our state convention 8 are Ron Paul"

Does that mean 13 delegates and 13 alternates, or 26 each! Thanks for your hard work, I know it's hard, but we need a 51% count for everyone that has yet to do this!

13 of each, delegates and

13 of each, delegates and alternates!

The Virtual Conspiracy

jeffjeffjeff's picture

Thank you for your commitment

Thank you for your commitment to this cause. We all owe a great deal of appreciation for those who are taking the time and effort to do their part to win this election and also to further the message of liberty.

You are a hero !!............

though I kinda feel sorry for the piece of furniture you assaulted.

You Prove You Are One To Get The Work Done …

… and here I thought of you more as a philosopher. ;-)

In the next round of delegate selection, surrounded by a band of increasingly worse desperadoes, you may find yourself again without a gavel and in need of getting the attention of some RINO with a snoot out of proportion -- I have no doubt you will be able to improvise a resolution with no less determination than this Robert Duval scene depicts:


“ … some people call me a spacecowboy …”

( not me, of course …. That would be a Newt supporter ;-) )

Congratulations. Nice work.

Good Strategy that worked well for my BPOU

I am vice chair for my congressional District so I understand how we got thrown into this. After the disgrace of our state convention in 2008 I could no longer sit on the sidelines.I am currently organising 35 counties for Ron Paul. I think you have a good plan to know who is nominating who. The strategy we used is fill all the seats even if we knew that some of your folks would not show up or could not make it. We especially did this for alternates. That has always been the establishment strategy against us is fill seats with people they know wont show up therefore nobody shows and especially not you or a liberty person. We took at our BPOU 6/8 State seats and 4/8 District and 10 of the 16 alternates. All I can say is run your slate and make sure you never put more names up for nomination then you have because then you will divide your vote. I don't care if you golfed with or sit on church boards with other friendly non Ron Paul people don't vote off your slate no matter what. I have nominated people off the floor that I never voted for once the balloting started and this is a way to show face with the friendlies. If you end up with to many names nominated ask to be removed. Jusdt so you know we had only 30 of the 73 delegates seated and with a minority we were able to almost clean the floor. It does not take many it only takes a group that knows what to expect and who they should vbe voting for and nominating and staying on the target.

The reason monority can win in your situation

The reason monority can win in your situation is you are the vice chair for your congressional District. You have a say in what is put on the slat. But if you do not have a role in the nominating board, and you also do not have majority, then chances are you do not have much to fight with?

Thank you for what you are

Thank you for what you are doing, I was elected as a delegate this morning also!


Have a good time!

The Virtual Conspiracy

Thank you

spacehabitats - thank you so much for what you are doing - you are right in the trenches and I can't say enough to thank you for the effort and time you are putting. This is great news and it was a real encouraging article for me to read today.

Keep up the good work

and thanx again